Mowery Receives Full Scholarship for Baseball

SENIOR TANNER MOWERY RECEIVES BASEBALL SCHOLARSHIP TO LYON COLLEGE-- Mowery's family joins him in Central's library to celebrate his scholarship.

SENIOR TANNER MOWERY RECEIVES BASEBALL SCHOLARSHIP TO LYON COLLEGE– Mowery’s family joins him in Central’s library to celebrate his scholarship.

Savannah Smith, Staff Writer

Senior Tanner Mowery signed for a baseball scholarship to Lyon College in Batesville, Arkansas on January 7, 2015.

Mowery started playing baseball at the age of five and has flourished as a player for many years. The baseball blood has been passed down through the Mowery family for generations, so it was no surprise that Mowery was offered a full scholarship to the private Christian college.

“My drive has a lot to do with family. The game runs in my family. Both my dad and uncle played here at Central and we all have worn the number 11 jersey.  We have all also received opportunities to play in college,” shared Mowery.

Not only were Mowery’s friends and family thrilled, but the team found leadership in Mowery and is going to make the season one he will never forget.

“He deserved it, he’s a great player. I looked up to him as a freshman and he was such a leader. I am honored to play with him this last season and hope to make his last season great before he leaves.” commented junior Coty Reels.

Mowery, Reels, and several other baseball players are hard at work getting ready for the 2016 season to commence.

“The big part about baseball is when I’m on the field all I think about is God. He drives me through blessing me with the ability to play an amazing game where I can get away from the world for a few hours and just be a kid and have fun doing what I love to do,” concluded Mowery.