Lady Pounders Basketball All-District Players

Samantha Scott, Staff Writer

Central Lady Pounders basketball may not have been as successful as they hoped in the district tournament, but the hard work of a few key players was still recognized. After a tough loss against East Ridge, three players were chosen for the All-District Team. Freshman Alivia Smith, junior Miracle Miller, and senior Bri Denton were each rewarded for their contributions to the team.

The girls each put forth something helpful and unique to the team. Alivia, a starting point-guard, put countless 3-pointers on the scoreboard throughout the season, but more importantly, she kept a calm and collected attitude so she could make sensible decisions as a leader on the court.

“Alivia was so great at shooting three-pointers. We like to call her Curry, just like the famous basketball player,” senior Rebekah Hill commented.

Center Miracle Miller was strong on rebounds and had high scoring for the team as well.

“Teamwork was a low of our season, but we had so many highs. Our placement in the district tournament could’ve been better, but I enjoyed this season and my team, especially beating Brainerd during the Best of Preps. Those type of games are the ones we’ll remember,” Miracle shared.

Shooting guard and point guard Bri Denton brought also aided her team. Aside from being home schooled, Bri played through some health battles. Her tough spirit and love for the game allowed her to inspire her team and other athletes to push forward and of course, her high scoring helped too.

“My advice for the younger players would be to never give up. They should love each other like family, work hard, and enjoy it,” Bri concluded.