Central’s Tennis Team Fights Their Way Through Matches

ROUGH PATCH IS OVER -- Central's Tennis team is optimistic about the rest of their season.

ROUGH PATCH IS OVER — Central’s Tennis team is optimistic about the rest of their season.

Josh Sizemore, Staff Writer

Central’s Tennis team has had an uplifting year so far and they are just going to keep striving for victory. They may have had a rough patch to get through, but that didn’t stop them from bringing on the fight.

“I believe the season has gone pretty well so far. We had a rough beginning and then we hit a rough hole but then we bounced back from it and we are all very focused on winning and having fun,” expressed senior Tennis player, Matt Downs.

Downs and sophomore, Pacey Beck are the team’s only returning players from last year. The team has also gotten a team member who came all the way from Georgia. Her name is Madi Blackburn and she played number 1 in Georgia and here at Central. The team and Manley are super excited to have her on the team this year.

“Our season is great so far because our team has such a great attitude, team spirit, and work ethic. They are all amazing and talented student athletes. They are improving each week and it has been satisfying to seem all of them gain confidence in their skills,” stated Tennis coach, Jennifer Manley.

The athletes are equally optimistic, “I believe the rest of the year will turn out amazing. We are all getting much better at working together as a team. I and the rest of the team are getting a great experience out of playing this year,”

They are currently 2-2 in their season and Manley thinks they are always getting better. The Central Digest encourages the tennis team as they continue to improve throughout the rest of the season.