Boys Cross Country Team Claims Region Title and Punches Ticket to State Meet

CROSS COUNTRY TAKES ON STATE -- The boys cross country team won regions and are now ready for state on November 4th.

Savannah Smith, Editor-in-Chief

The Central High School boys cross country team is racing their way to the state championship after winning the region meet on October 25th. With up to 7 schools and over 80 kids competing, the cross country team raced their way into landing not only first place overall, but a ticket to state in Nashville next Saturday.

“I was relieved to hear that we won. I knew we were going to go to make it, but the real shocker was that we had won first place,” said Central cross country coach, Janice Munson.

Out of the 7 runners from Central, 4 of them made the top 10 during the race with Nathan Vander Wilt(18:42) placing 9th, Jared Eddy(18:36) placing 7th, Kaigen Mulkey(18:25) placing 5th, and Alberto Dominguez(18:00) placing 3rd. Leonard Burroughs(19:03), a junior on the team, also placed 12th overall during the race.

“‘Now you wouldn’t believe me if I told you, but I could run like the wind blows. From that day on, if I was ever going somewhere, I was running.’ I think that that Forrest Gump quote sums up our race and our running,” joked Alberto Dominguez.

“I think we were able to win the race because we have always practiced hard, ever since the summer (which is usually when most teams start conditioning). We practiced really hard everyday and I think that gave us an advantage to win the race,” stated senior and captain of the cross country team, Jared Eddy.

On top of all the hard practices, their work payed off by being the first cross country team at Central to finally push to state.

“Never in the 109 years Central has existed has the cross country team made it to state, and it was really cool to know that we finally did it this year and I am so happy,” commented Munson.

The team ended up making a score of 36, which was added up by the places of all of the teammates and was the lowest score which declared them champions.

“I was really happy and proud of my teammates. The work they’ve put in, the miles and miles of running had all led up to that race. The hours of dedication showed when they named us Regional Champs,” stated Alberto Dominguez.

The rolling wooded course in Nashville is the new challenge for the members to take on, but some get a second chance at the course. Dominguez will get to take on this course as he did last year in individuals.

“The competition is tough and the course is pretty challenging too, but the guys always find a way to ease the whole thing up. I am very excited,” said Dominguez.

The team is working very hard this and next week to prepare them for the biggest race in Central history.

The team will head up to Nashville next week and compete on November 4th to represent the school with their purple and gold pride.