Central Football Bounces Back With a Win Against Sequoyah

CENTRAL FOOTBALL BOUNCES BACK WITH A WIN AGAINST SEQUOYAH — The Pounders worked hard to come out victorious in their game against Sequoyah.

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CENTRAL FOOTBALL BOUNCES BACK WITH A WIN AGAINST SEQUOYAH — The Pounders worked hard to come out victorious in their game against Sequoyah.

Karleigh Schwarzl, Sports Editor

Having two weeks of distinguishable losses can really get a team shaken up. In retrospect, losing these first two games really put Central’s football team in a slump. By playing some of the best teams in the state, outside of their division, they can improve their performance in their divisional games. They play these teams to get tactical ideas and learn how to apply these ideas to other games to win.

“[The team will be] going back to work and [I will be] teaching the basics,” stated Coach Curt Jones after the Tyner game.

Practice is exactly what paid off for the Pounders in the game against Sequoyah. In the end, they won 47-34.

Everything changed when the boys began to believe in themselves. Playing with the confidence was key to their effective gameplay.

The boys fought hard the first quarter, only allowing one touchdown, tying up the game and ending the quarter 7 to 7. When it came to the second quarter, the Pounders let up and allowed Sequoyah to score 13 points. The boys ended the first half 14 to 20, Sequoyah being up by six points.

Although the boys were down by six points, they did not stop trying. When it came to the second half, the boys put forth their best effort.

The Pounders ended up scoring 20 points in the third quarter, whereas Sequoyah scored 14 points. This allowed the boys to gain a lead, making the score 28 to 40. Above all, the boys continued to power through and finished up the fourth quarter with 14 points.

Many players showed out in this game. Although everyone played to the best of their abilities, seniors Hunter Jones, Kelvin McGhee, and Chris Kouris played very well and really stood out in Coach Jones’ mind.

“Our standards are higher this season because we are playing so many good teams. Facing these good teams will make us stronger throughout the year so we can be ready for the playoffs in the post season. Everyone on the team has the same love for each other, and we will continue to grow as not only a team, but brothers,” Kouris stated.

This game, the boys changed their defensive formation, playing with a “screen door defense.” Changing the formation of the defense did not seem prevent much in earlier games, however, the method has improved from weeks past.

One of the biggest plays of the game was when Jones ran a 97 yard kickoff return into a touchdown.

Overall, this game set the tone for how the boys foresaw their future. This match allowed the team to regain their confidence and remain hopeful for the rest of the season.

“I am just excited to watch this team grow and become a family unit,” Coach Jones stated.

Students believe that there is a bright future ahead of these Purple Pounders, and working hard to overcome obstacles is just the start. The boys play at home on Friday, September 13th to take on Baylor at 7:30 pm.

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