Central Pounders Fall to East Hamilton Hurricanes 14 to 52

CENTRAL POUNDERS FALL TO EAST HAMILTON 14 TO 52 — The Central Pounders fight hard against Baylor.

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CENTRAL POUNDERS FALL TO EAST HAMILTON 14 TO 52 — The Central Pounders fight hard against Baylor.

Karleigh Schwarzl, Sports Editor

Last Friday, September 20th, the Central Pounders played against the East Hamilton Hurricanes. The Pounders went into the game with a record of 1-2, which included their victory over Sequoyah. On the other hand, the Hurricanes went into the game with their record being 2-2, having won against both East Ridge and Signal Mountain.

The Pounders came out strong in the first quarter. On the second offensive drive, Senior Kelvin McGhee threw an 80 yard touchdown pass to Freshman Donovan Smith.

The Pounders are only midway through the season and McGhee has already had 889 yards in five games. He has had 92 attempts with 45 completions. He also has scored five touchdowns. Smith has 632 total yards, 23 touches on the ball, and 2 touchdowns. Smith averages 27.5 yards per touch on the ball.

As the game progressed, the Pounders began to make mental errors that cost them the game. This year’s team is “…young and inexperienced,” as Coach Curt Jones has stated.

“We had parts of the game where we played the best football of the year,” said Coach Jones.

The defensive line played better than they have played all year. Despite this, they are still looking to improve.

“[The offensive line] had one of the best games of the year although they also had one of the worst run blocking performances of the year,” revealed Coach Jones.

The team had a lot of confidence going into the game, and worked hard to keep this mentality throughout the game. However, energy went in and out like a wave, which could be an indicator of a team of inexperienced players.

“We can improve by not just playing with intensity and the tenacity to hit an opposing player in one quarter, but doing it the entire game,” said wide receiver Smith. “We have to have communication and do our assignments as a team. We also need to hustle and give 100 percent every play instead of taking plays off.”

Some key players from the game were Seniors Hunter Jones, Kevin McGhee, and Bailey Sublett, as well as Freshman Donovan Smith.

Quarterback Kelvin McGhee added, “We as seniors have to step up more and have more leadership. A team led by coaches is mediocre, but a team led by leaders is destined for greatness.”

The Pounders will have a “bye week” from September 23 through 27.

Although week six of Friday Night Lights will be right around the corner, the Central Pounders will go on to face Howard School of Academics and Technology on October 4 at 7:30 p.m. The team hopes to see everyone coming out to support the Purple Pounders. Students attending are encouraged to sit in the student section, too.

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