Central Pounders Fight Hard Despite Loss Against the Anderson County Mavericks

The Central Pounders Fought Hard Despite Loss Against the Anderson County Mavericks

Karleigh Schwarzl


Karleigh Schwarzl, Sports Editor

Anderson County is the number one football team in the region, winning seven games with only one loss at the time of the game against Central. The Central Pounders have not seen such success this year, as they have won two games and lost six others.

Although this football season has not been the best in Chattanooga Central history, this game was different. Players had an abundance of remaining confidence from the second half of the East Ridge game the previous week, in which Coach Curt Jones had deemed one of best played halves of the year. The Pounders came into the game focused and prepared to leave it all out on the field.

“One of the best plays of the game had to be when [Senior] Hunter Jones returned a kick return for a touchdown, which was later called back,” stated Coach Jones.

At this point, the players began to gain confidence in their combined skills. This mentality pushed the team to put forth their best effort throughout the entirety of the game.

With the Pounders in the lead, the boys began to comprehend that they could compete with Anderson County. The Pounders continued their fight throughout the game, and they kept the game in close corners with a score of 28-15 until there were six minutes left in the third quarter.

“The whole attitude throughout the game was just hype. We came out there ready to beat the team right in front of us and nothing else mattered,” said Hunter Jones

Offensively, the Pounders had one of their best games yet. The boys completed over 430 total passing yards in the game. One stand-out player in Coach Jones’s mind was Quarterback and Senior Kelvin McGhee, who passed for an outstanding 335 yards in this game alone.

“The offense was phenomenal the first half; we were blocking good on the line, which allowed me to make good throws to my receivers, who were also putting their best effort forth in catching the ball,” McGhee shared.

Defensively, the team still played a great game. However, they still have tremendous strides left to take in order to become the best that they can be. Addressing the youth of the team, there is still a lot of improvement to be gained with experience, which continuously appears to be the weak point of the team.

“There is a big difference between a kid with seven games of high school experience and a team loaded with juniors and seniors,” Coach Jones emphasized.

There is a player update on Sophomore Michael Watson, who was injured during the game. He is fine now and suffered no major injuries, but he still sustained a concussion from which he is currently recovering.

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