Central Pounders Face Off Against the Hixson Wildcats in the Final Night of Friday Night Lights

 2019-2020 CENTRAL POUNDERS FOOTBALL -- Running back Hunter Jones runs for a drive down the field.

Daryl Banther

2019-2020 CENTRAL POUNDERS FOOTBALL -- Running back Hunter Jones runs for a drive down the field.

Karleigh Schwarzl, Sports Editor

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This would be the last football game some of the seniors on the field that night would play. With no playoffs in sight, this night was very bittersweet. On October 25, the Central Pounders played the Hixson Wildcats at Chattanooga Central High School. Emotions echoed on the field throughout the game. This game was, as stated by Coach Curt Jones, “the most complete game” that the Pounders had played all season, and he could not be prouder of how the team has come along since the start of the season.

Going into the game, the Pounders had a calm confidence upon them. They knew after the way that they had played amongst the last three games that they would be able to compete. Over the course of the game, they had amazing energy, putting everything they had out on the field, excluding about five minutes in the third quarter.

Key players in the game were Seniors Hunter Jones, Kelvin McGhee, and Jameson Willard, with all three players being significant leaders throughout the game.

The first play of the game was a huge play for the Pounders with a kickoff return caught by Sophomore Noah Collins who ran it for a 70 yard touchdown, which, in the end, got called back. Then, right after Jones turned around and ran a 75 yard touchdown. Getting a good start for the Pounders. The offense had their best night of the season. Heavily highlighted by Hunter Jones.

“So many emotions were going through my head throughout the game; it was very bittersweet. It was my last high school game ever, so I left everything I had out on the field,” stated Jones.

Throughout the season, the Pounders had endured a lot. On the other hand, the confidence the boys encompassed was at a peak unlike no other. They went in knowing what they had to do. This had been a game that they had fought the entire time and everyone around could tell how much they wanted it.

In the end, the Pounders fell short 38-39. They had fought hard until the very last second, ending the game with a big kick off return from the Pounders.

The senior boys have expressed how are going to miss a lot about high school football.

“I’m going to miss talking and kicking field goals with Ripken (Coach Glen Carter’s son) along with the school and community support surrounding the team,” said Kelvin McGhee.

The school is proud of everything that the football team has accomplished over the years. They wish the seniors the best and cannot wait to see what they achieve in the future.

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