Snakenberg and Anderson Represent Central on Student Advisory Council

CHS IS REPRESENTED IN THE SSAC -- (From left to right) SSAC Chairperson Jadyn Snakenberg, CHS Principal Finley King, and Vice-Chairperson D'Andre Anderson.

Savannah Smith

CHS IS REPRESENTED IN THE SSAC — (From left to right) SSAC Chairperson Jadyn Snakenberg, CHS Principal Finley King, and Vice-Chairperson D’Andre Anderson.

Justin Metcalf, Staff Writer

On the evening of Monday, September 21, a meeting of the Superintendent’s Student Advisory Council (SSAC) was held in the HCDE board meeting room. The goal of the council is to better inform Superintendent Rick Smith and the county as a whole about what really goes on in Hamilton County high schools. Two representatives are chosen from all 19 high schools in the county, both public and magnet, to be the voice of the students.

“I started participating in the SSAC when I was a freshman,” explained Snakenberg. “The organization holds a conference every year called Speak Out, a day-long event consisting of sessions in which high school students from across the county get to voice their opinions on prevalent issues in public schools. Ansley Davis, Central’s SSAC sponsor at the time, asked me to come, and I went even though I was scared. I didn’t ‘speak out’ too much at the conference, but I really enjoyed it. The next school year, Mrs. Davis asked if I wanted to be an alternate for the SSAC, and so I did that as a sophomore. I ran for Secretary at the end of that year and won. As Secretary in my junior year, I took notes of everything that was presented and discussed in all of our meetings. At the end of last school year, I ran for Chairperson (President) against three other really awesome candidates. I really didn’t think I was going to get enough votes to win, so when one of the sponsors called my name for Chairperson, I couldn’t believe it! I was so also excited for D’Andre when he won Vice-Chairperson (Vice-President). That was just a really good day!”

While Snakenberg is starting her fourth year as a contributor to the council, D’Andre Anderson is beginning his second.

“I was asked to join the council by Mrs. Davis because I was the sophomore [class] president. I was confused when I first joined the council, but [I was] really excited later. [Recently,] we have really pushed technology, and Mr. Smith stated that $1.2 million will be going towards technology in Hamilton County schools this year,” stated the junior.

Smith has been working with the council since it began several years ago. Once the students speak out, action can be taken and progress can be made.

“The students get to meet other students from other areas of the county and soon find out that individual schools have very similar issues,” shared Smith. “I find the students increase their leadership skills from their work with the council.  Each year brings a different group into the council, and after individual introductions [from the first meeting,] I expect this group to be an outstanding council.”

“The best part about the council [is having] a voice and [being] heard,” said Anderson. “A lot of times, students are voiceless, and to be able to represent them is a great feeling.”

“I love hearing opinions from students in other parts of the county and becoming friends with people I ordinarily would not have met. It’s really cool to know that Superintendent Smith genuinely cares about the students in Hamilton County and that we get to help make our schools better by sharing what happens in them,” expressed Snakenberg.

The Central Digest would like to congratulate our representatives on their acceptance and thank them for their constructive efforts.  The council will continue to have meetings throughout the school year and will further improve the lives of the students and faculty of Hamilton County.