Theater Class Struggles To Find A Suitable Home

THEATER NEEDS A NEW PLACE TO REHEARSE -- Although not ideal, theater classes perform in the agora while searching for a new rehearsal area.

Allie Nedeau

THEATER NEEDS A NEW PLACE TO REHEARSE — Although not ideal, theater classes perform in the agora while searching for a new rehearsal area.

Brooke Mathews, Staff Writer

The theater program at Central High school is known for their phenomenal, student-driven productions of Shakespeare and original plays. In 2013, plays were held in the library, which is not the most ideal place for students to take the stage. Like last year, there are no plans for any productions for the 2015-2016 school year.

“It has always been challenging to do productions outside of the school. The new schedule leaves me very little time to plan for rehearsals, and I know most students cannot commit to having practice every day,” shared Mrs. Sally White, one of the teachers who heads the theater program at Central.

Rosie, written by Ashlee Baker in Mrs. White’s previous creative writing class, is centered around an old babysitter of Barack Obama’s who adored him a little too much. Mrs. White encourages her creative writing students to write pieces like this that are outside of the box. Students this year may never get to see their visions come to life like Baker did.

The theater program has done more than student written productions. Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream was featured during the first year Mrs. White taught at Central. In her second year, she and her students transformed stories written by third graders at Birchwood Elementary into plays. It was titled, Welcome to the Pickle Kingdom.

“It is challenging to put on a production. We have managed in the library, but it feels like the Elizabethan days where you had to pitch a tent. We are constantly thinking of things to do,” added Ms. White.

In addition to an end to the drama club, Theater Arts II has been dropped from the schedule this year to make space for more English classes. Bailey Davis took Theater Arts I last year and is now re-taking it with a different curriculum. Instead of performing in the class, he acts as more of a guide to the first-time students.

“It is disappointing how this year, I have to repeat it as a normal class. Students [who] were in Theater I last year should have an opportunity to take the second class,” shared Davis.

Like Mrs. White, Bailey feels that there is not enough room in the school to have Theater Arts. Last year, classes were in the armory; this year, they are held in the choir room during fifth period, which is at the same time as Concert Band.

“We are literally being drowned out by instruments this year. We deserve somewhere bigger to hold practices,” he added.

Hopefully the theater classes will find a bigger and more quiet place to rehearse and perform. The Central Digest is excited to see what they have in store for next year.