Senior Success Day is a Success

SENIORS PREPARE FOR COLLEGE--Seniors gather at Bayside Baptist Church to discuss future plans for college

SENIORS PREPARE FOR COLLEGE–Seniors gather at Bayside Baptist Church to discuss future plans for college

Savannah Smith, Editor-in-Chief

On August 31. 2016, Central High School had their Senior Success Day at Bayside Baptist Church. During this event, different representatives from various colleges and organizations come together to hold sessions for the seniors throughout the day.

Many seniors enjoyed this experience and started getting in the mind set of future plans for life outside of high school.

“My favorite part probably had to be the fact that I learned a lot about the colleges that I am interested in. I also thought that it was very good to learn about the HOPE scholarship and the Tennessee Promise and how I can get money to go to college. I just really enjoyed it,” stated senior, Miranda Spainhower.

Faculty, such as senior guidance counselor Lindsey Ruggles and college access adviser Susan Dyer planned the entire event. They invited many schools such as The University of Tennessee and Austin Peay State University as well as representatives from financial aide units so they could educate seniors on how to prepare for post-high school fees.

“I think that this is just kind of a way to kick off the school year. I think that it is good for seniors to start applying for college and get ready for the world out there; this is just one event to help with it,” commented Ruggles.

“When you take [students] out of school, it gives them a good way to take them out of their surroundings and to get them more actively thinking about college,” expressed Dyer.

Overall, Senior Success Day is a great way for new seniors to start thinking about what they want to do with their life and to prepare for their last school year. Days like these are days that make Central unique due to the fact that Central is the only school to allow students to get out of their comfort zone and to start preparing for college.