C.D.C. Students ‘Dance the Night Away’ at Annual Prom

A NIGHT TO REMEMBER –Students from schools in Hamilton County come together to Central for annual C.D.C. Prom!

Savannah Smith, Editor-in-Chief

On Friday, February 21st, the Central High cafeteria was transformed into a dance hall with streamers, music, and dancing, which meant that the 2017 CDC Prom was in full swing.

Led by senior Hannah Holmberg, she and other volunteers from all grade levels decorated the plain cafeteria into a night of laughter and fun that had the CDC kids dancing the night away.

“I really enjoy putting the event together. I love giving back to the community and this is just one way. It’s fun to do stuff for others and to make the night all about the kids.” shared Holmberg.

With decorations and food donated from Party City and Zaxbys, the prom was more than what everyone expected.

“We had over 90 kids, parents, and volunteers, which is way more than I expected and more than we have had in previous years,” said Holmberg.

The dance consisted of food, laughter, memories, and even some “poppin’ and lockin'”, which made the night an overall success.

“The dance was lit. The music and the food and just the overall night was one of the best nights ever, and I had such a good time,” said junior Tiana Lloyd, who attended the dance as a guest.

“The dancing was the best part. I think everyone was a little stressed out, but when all the kids showed up and we started busting a move it was so worth the hard work.” said Holmberg.

Since the CDC prom was the last prom to be led by senior, Hannah Holmberg, she has decided to past the torch for future CDC proms to her sister, Laurelie Holmberg.

“I think she should be in charge because she knows what to do. Since we are related, she was kind of my right hand the whole night and knew what to do.” said Holmberg.

“My plans for the future are even bigger than what we had this year. I want to get more volunteers involved and guests from all over the country. I want to make sure every child who wants to come can and will have fun.” said Laurelie Holmberg.