Central Sound Rated as Superior at ETSBOA Concert Festival

CENTRAL SOUND RATED AS SUPERIOR AT ETSBOA CONCERT FESTIVAL -- The Central Sound hard at work preparing for concert festival.

Savannah Smith

CENTRAL SOUND RATED AS SUPERIOR AT ETSBOA CONCERT FESTIVAL — The Central Sound hard at work preparing for concert festival.

Matthew Davis, Staff Writer

Standardized tests have become the new norm to evaluate students and teachers. However, how are students tested in classes that do not have the traditional classroom experience? In the band world, the Eastern Tennessee Band and Orchestra Association (ETSBOA) holds a concert festival every year. Here, middle and high school bands from across eastern Tennessee’s performances are evaluated.

“My favorite part of the festival process each year is really the same as my favorite part of teaching band: watching students grow and mature both as musicians and as individuals,” revealed Josh Bloodworth, Director of Bands at Central High.

At the concert festival, there are three band aficionados who judge the performances and give a score, which are then averaged together. Scores are given as a number between 1 and 5, 1 being the highest score possible and 5 being the lowest. This year the Central Sound earned an overall score of 1, rating them as superior.

Groups scores are also affected by the level of music the band plays, level 1 being the simplest at beginner level, and level 6 being the most advanced at a college level. The Central Sound played all level 6 music with the selections of “The Victor March” by Karl L. King, “Adagio” by David R. Hollsinger, and “Bandancing” by Jack Stamp.

“These pieces have some level of significance on an emotional/experimental level for the group or myself. For example, this year we performed “Bandancing” by Jack Stamp as part of our Festival program. I programmed this piece because it was a piece that I performed the summer of my Senior year at UGA with Dr. John Culvahouse as part of their Summer Music Camp. Performing this piece and others in that honor band setting made me realize what band really could be and helped me to make the decision to major in music and become a band director,” shared Bloodworth.

Festival day is a fun day for the entire band. The band members go out to eat, sit in the audience and watch other bands perform, and just enjoy the day together as they mentally prepare for the performance. It is a day where all of the members can come together and bond over something they love.

“I like being able to see the other bands perform. It gets us mentally prepared for our performance,” shared Edicklee Frias-Cruz.

Now that this big performance is over, the Central band has many other events coming up. On May 6, the band will have their annual car show, followed by their concert at Hunter Middle School on May 9, and their spring concert at the Volkswagen Conference Center on May 28.