Teens Need A Cellular Detox

TEENS NEED A CELLULAR DETOX -- Student using phone while she should be working.

Amber King

TEENS NEED A CELLULAR DETOX — Student using phone while she should be working.

Amber King, Staff Writer

Teens are stereotypically always on their phone, however, is this good or bad? Many students use their phones during school, but teachers do not always allow their students to use their phones during class.

“Phones can be useful during class especially for research,” explained tenth grade English teacher Sally White, “I have also found that if students are doing research on their phones they tend to work more efficiently and quietly.”

Teens will often use both their phones and social media when they are bored. This causes them to be on their phones socializing rather than in face-to-face interaction with their direct surroundings.

“Teens definitely need to take a break from social media and get more involved in their immediate surroundings such as sports, family, and have a real life socializing rather than online,” strongly expressed manufacturing teacher Jon King.

Even though phones can be distracting for teens during school, they can also so used as a good tool for researching information.

“Rather than trying to provide a bunch of computers for all the students, they can simply pull out their phone and get all the information they need more efficiently,” stated King.

Teens often tend to spend their free time on their phones; approximately 12 hours per day. Due to teens being on their phones a lot their phones or computers frequently, parents gravitate to taking their electronics away from them as a punishment.

“Phones and social media are a very distracting thing, especially for teens. However, they are a part of everyday life and we need it,” elucidated freshman Natalie Adams.

Teens overall spend a lot of their time on their phones and social media, however, it is not the best thing for them. Teens need to take a break from their phones and be more active in their immediate surroundings rather than be glued to their phones constantly.