All Grades at Central to Start Weekly Independent Reading


Bryson Eddy

ALL GRADES AT CENTRAL TO START WEEKLY INDEPENDENT READING -- Davoneka Stoudemire (left) and Alyssa Durham (right) reading to stimulate their brains.

Bryson Eddy, Staff Writer

Reading is one of the most important skills that a person should have. It ensures that students do well in school and continue to succeed in their pursued careers.

“If you can read then you can learn how to do anything,” explained Kevin Parsons, Honors English 9 and Philosophy teacher, “It is a ‘gateway’ skill.”

Sophomore teachers have provided independent reading times for their students in previous years. According to Mr. Parsons, all grades will now set aside time or days for their students to independently read in class.

“Reading has always been an important focus to English teachers because it’s the most important thing we can do. Now, it’s more of a schoolwide initiative,” replied Sally White, English 10 teacher, when asked about why the school is just now focusing more on reading skills.

When a person reads a substantial amount, they can understand stories in different ways and they also get a better understanding of language. When writing, sentences flow better and have more variety. Improving reading level and reading skills can also improve writing.

Improving reading skills is not as hard as it seems. Reading for just 20 minutes a day or about an hour a week can help with comprehension and visualization.

“With all of the technology in people’s lives today, everyone’s attention span is influxed,” said Mrs. White, Honors English 10 and Theatre Arts 2 teacher. Students tend to pay more attention to their smartphones when they are on their desks versus put away. This is a big distraction from class work and can reflect on tests and grades.