Central’s JROTC Program Stresses The Importance of Inspection Day


Amber King


Amber King, Staff Writer

Maybe you have seen them in the halls; the neatly-dress cadets proudly wearing their JROTC uniforms.

Every Thursday, the Central High First for Freedom JROTC Batallion cadets all have “Uniform Day,” or more commonly known as, “Inspection day.” The JROTC program at Central requires these days to show respect to those who have worn the uniform and to those who wear the uniform currently. They are also assigned to wear them to show the partnership between the school and the government. The uniform is considered to be apart of the identity of the cadet.

“I only assign the uniform days once a week rather than multiple days because, I do not want the cadets to feel like soldiers,” explained Colonel Brooks, ” I still want them to feel like Central High students.”

There is a lot that goes into wearing the uniform on Thursdays. First, there are two uniforms: class A and class B uniform. The uniform the cadets wear is based off of what Colonel Brooks’ decision for that Thursday. Then, very specific measurements and procedures are put into making sure the uniform is put together properly. Every pin, ribbon, etc. that is put onto the uniform must be at a particular measurement to ensure perfection.

While being inspected and graded on the uniform everyone starts with a 100, and their grade may decrease a certain number of points while getting your inspection done. However, you only start with a 100 if you wear the uniform; if you are not wearing the uniform you get an automatic zero and then will have to make up for not wearing it the following day. If you are not at school the day of the uniform wear day, then you will be assigned a specific date by Colonel Brooks to make up that uniform day.

“I feel honored when I wear the uniform because it’s apart of something important that I can’t see,” stated Senior Nealy, “The inspection teach you a lot of self discipline because you have to stand there and wait to get criticized and critiqued on your uniform.”

Wearing the JROTC uniform shows discipline as well as major respect to the army and government. Everything in the JROTC program is given to them by the United States Army.