Mechatronics Class is Flourishing in First Year at Central


John Britt

MECHATRONICS IF FLOURISHING IN FIRST YEAR AT CENTRAL -- Mr. King (left) and Gavin Rampagos (right) show off one of the Sphero balls

John Britt, Staff Writer

Robots are something that most people have little idea on how to make or even how to start, but that is exactly what students are doing in Central’s Mechatronics class. Central’s Mechatronics class, taught by Mr. Jon King, has had a successful first semester. One of their accomplishments is being recognized by Chattanooga State by winning the “Advanced Manufacturing Showcase”.

“We won first prize with a pneumatic transfer station that would push an object into a box from a starting point. It looks simple but the timing and planning involved along with the use of airlocks makes it an impressive build,” explained Mr. King.

The machine was named the “Williams Four-Point Pneumatic Transfer Station,” after the creator, Blake Williams. Even with this, The class has not slowed down with the impressive inventions.

“We have got some new equipment here recently such as a ‘Makey-Makey’ and a sphere. These objects help the students learn simple programming, and how to plan the moves of an object, such as a small robot like ‘the Sphero’,” described Mr. King

Mechatronics is an area that seems almost limited, but Mr. King is trying his best to show the full potential of all that can be learned from it.

“Anything that I find that could be potentially helpful for the class I will bring in, I am constantly looking for new and fun things for the class to learn. As Mechatronics is one of the last classes in the manufacturing pathway, I believe that they should know enough to effectively operate and have fun with these ‘robots’ of sort, ” explained Mr. King