Candidates Prepare Campaigns as Students Prepare to Vote in Class Elections

CLASS ELECTIONS ARE ABOUT TO BEGIN -- DayOnna Carson, junior, lecturs her peers on why they should vote for her to be class president

Dylan Muccino

CLASS ELECTIONS ARE ABOUT TO BEGIN -- DayOnna Carson, junior, lecturs her peers on why they should vote for her to be class president

Dylan Muccino, Staff Writer

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It is that time year again where students are given the power to vote on who they want to represent their class. Class elections are crucial to high school by giving insight on who students feel should lead their class.  There are four positions a student can run for. These positions include president, vice-president, secretary, and treasurer. Seniors also have the option for class marshal. To qualify for office, students must have an 82.5 grade average, no suspensions, no evening school, no ISS (In-School-Suspension), and satisfactory attendance. Class elections will be held on September 6 for seniors and juniors and September 7 for sophomores and freshmen.

Jake Johns, a senior, is running for re-election as senior class president. Johns believes that Central is an inclusive and diverse place that needs to be cherished for years to come. Additionally, he feels it is important for student participation and engagement to change. Johns is currently working on bringing school-wide events to the school as a whole to replace what was taken away from the school a couple of years ago.

“Being class president would mean everything to me. I take it very seriously and I know that if my class elects me, that they believe I can lead them to success. I want my class to make the correct decision. Hopefully, they choose to re-elect me,” elucidated Johns.

DayOnna Carson is a junior running for class president. Carson believes students in her class should vote for her because she is dedicated to everything she does; she wants to use the position of president to make a difference at Central High School.

“I want to be in class office because I want to actually be able to witness a change in my school instead of complaining about certain things. I’m also curious to see how much power we students have to change school policy,” affirmed Carson.

Jazmynn Ball is also a junior running for class president as the incumbent. Ball is set on making the seven hours students spend at school more exciting, especially with junior year being such a crucial year of high school.

“I’m a motivated person and dedicated person who cares about my class on an individual level. I want to make their high school experience better in any way I can,” explained Ball.

Grayson Catlett, who is running for sophomore class president, believes that being a respectable person on campus is important for success. He feels all students need to be on track and focus on graduating.

“I would be open for all kinds of opinions on what our class currently needs,”  suggested Catlett.

Kirstin Langton is a freshman running for class president. Langston feels that the freshman class needs to be led by someone who is responsible. She believes that everyone should be treated equally, and that being class president would assist her in being more involved in school.

“I have a loud voice and I’m ready to lead the freshmen class with pride and honor,” concluded Langton.

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