Students’ Busy Schedule Leaves Less Time for After School Jobs

Kiersten Helmholtz, Staff Writer

Over the summer, many students have the opportunity to work, while others do not. Those who do have time to manage a job in the summer might not have the same opportunity during the fall due to school and extra curricular activities.

Some students consider keeping a job throughout the school year, although they realize that they do not have enough free time with their busy schedules.

“I do not have enough free time to keep a job while still in school. I have quite a busy schedule, so it would be near impossible for me to keep a job while I’m still in school,” stated Sydney Stone, a freshman at Central.

“I would definitely find it too hard to keep a job while in school considering my homework takes up most of the time after school for me,” added Freshman Corey Brock.

Keeping a job while still in school can be tough with homework, sports practice, and other clubs. However, a seasonal summer job will allow students to work without having to worry about those things.

Many students decide to get a summer job to help their family or themselves; they use the free time to earn money since they can not do so during the school months.

“I think it is important to get a summer job because you are able to get money to help your family, or to help the people that need it,” explained Selena Domingues, a freshman at Central.

Those who get a chance to work can feel overwhelmed at times; balancing a job and school work may be a difficult task to tackle, but it allows them to learn many things that could help them in the near future.

“I have worked at a summer camp before; I had to work with five to ten year old kids which can be a pain to work with sometimes. It was a good learning experience though,” explained Messiah Partridge, a freshman at Central.

Some people do think that having a summer job could be fun; it allows students to have experience for future jobs they may have. It could help with time management and public speaking as well.

“It could be fun to have a summer job since you can get real life experience as well as making friends with your coworkers,” concluded Freshman Zane Ferrying.