Central’s Robotics Team Prevails in VEX Competitions

CENTRAL’S ROBOTICS TEAM PREVAILS IN VEX COMPETITIONS — Depicted above is the ring where all of the robot challenges are held.

Keith Bright

CENTRAL’S ROBOTICS TEAM PREVAILS IN VEX COMPETITIONS — Depicted above is the ring where all of the robot challenges are held.

Karleigh Schwarzl, Staff Writer

Central High School is home to its very own robotics team with a sixth place court ranking, however, few students are aware of the presence of this group, which may surprise some people.

“We are a part of the Hamilton County VEX first robotics league,” said robotics coach Keith Bright.

This is the first robotics league in Hamilton County, which is among several other teams all over the county.

According to the VEX robotics website, https://www.vexrobotics.com/competition, the competitions they host involve rigorous, real-world STEM application by challenging students to construct their own robots to go against other teams.

Being a member of this league of robotics teams is supposed to instill teamwork, leadership, communication, and much more in young students.

The robotics team is involved with six competitions, along with two to three matches against other schools within the league. Currently, there are eight schools within the league that have two teams each.

Additionally, the robotics team attends various tournaments. They work tirelessly on these robots during class, attempting to perfect them so that they can win battles. Contrary to popular belief, the robots do not exactly fight like they do in the Disney film Big Hero 6. They actually do not fight at all.

“Each team has one robot that they use to drive autonomous and by remote control. They must fight against other bots and score points while trying to stop the other team from scoring. Points are awarded by flipping discs, turning flags and climbing a pyramid,” explained Mr. Bright.

There are ten members in all, five on the girls team and five on the boys team. There are two ways for students to join the robotics team, one must be a member of Skills USA, or take one of Mr. Bright’s classes. Students who are members of Skills USA are chosen to be on the robotics team first, then Mr. Bright’s students are allowed to fill any remaining spots.

“Being on the robotics team, I’ve learned so much,”revealed Senior Alexis Massengale.  “I’ve learned how to make a robot, but, most importantly, taking that step and stepping out of my comfort zone. I’ve been able to make new friends and meet so many new people.”