Jack Graham Organizes Eagle Scout Blood Assurance Drive

JACK GRAHAM ORGANIZES BOY SCOUT BLOOD ASSURANCE DRIVE -- Jack Graham is a huge supporter of the Boy Scouts Blood Assurance blood drive.

Jack Graham

JACK GRAHAM ORGANIZES BOY SCOUT BLOOD ASSURANCE DRIVE — Jack Graham is a huge supporter of the Boy Scouts’ Blood Assurance blood drive.

Jaheim Williams, Staff Writer

When growing up, most people want to do the best they can to make a difference in society. Many organizations are formed in order to make these changes possible. One prime example is the Boy Scouts of America, which assists many projects in our community. Freshman Jack Graham, a current Boy Scout, is proud to be working on their latest Blood Assurance project.

When starting the blood drive, Graham was very passionate about the project due to his own personal incentives. He makes it apparent that the task holds a lot of significance and is a very important subject to him.

“A year or so ago, a friend of mine got injured and needed blood. [During] the bus crash that happened, many [passengers] needed blood to survive, and I realized that there is a constant need for blood,” Graham revealed.

Graham has recognized how meaningful becoming an Eagle Scout is to him. This is a goal that he has been working towards for a while. He went on to share all of the hard work that went into getting him to his current point. The status of an Eagle Scout is a milestone in a Boy Scout’s journey, however earning it is no easy feat.

“Becoming an Eagle Scout will help me in the future when it comes to getting a job. I also have been working towards Eagle Scout for a few years now, so I want it because it is an amazing award,” Graham said.

The projects that the Boy Scouts of America endeavor show how they strive to leave their mark on the community. They go around creating a multitude of helpful services for the public. Blood Assurance is only one of their many sympathetic projects.

“Boy Scouts go out regularly into the community to help with service projects like building and maintaining gardens. We clean public places that have litter, we work at the food bank, and [participate in] other projects,” Graham explained.

Graham has learned many valuable life lessons while being a Boy Scout. He has no regrets and strives towards the title of Eagle Scout. He wants to really feel like he earned the title when he achieves it.

“Becoming a Boy Scout has really given me many valuable skills like public speaking and leadership. I know that all the of the work I’m putting forth will pay off in the future,” Graham concluded.