Michael McGhee Selected as Student Representative of the 2019 Graduating Class


Tim Barber/Chattanooga Times Free Press

MICHAEL MCGHEE IS SELECTED AS THE STUDENT REPRESENTATIVE OF THE 2019 GRADUATING CLASS — Senior Michael McGhee will represent the student body of the Class of 2019 at this year’s graduation.

Marshall Sims, Staff Writer

As graduation day approaches, students of the graduating class are selected by peers and staff to represent the class of 2019 on May 14. Senior Michael McGhee was selected as student representative by his classmates. He has been given the chance to show insight on the past by intertwining this year’s theme into his speech. The theme, which is chosen every year by the speakers is more musically driven.

McGhee was chosen out of many qualifying students and was shocked when his name was announced to represent his class.

“To be honest, my reaction to being chosen was shocked,” said McGhee. “I was very surprised that I was chosen for student representation. There was just a lot of people on the ballot, and being chosen caught me off guard.”

All of the graduation day speakers meet with Mr. Adam Fletcher, the Senior English teacher, once a week. As of now, they are practicing the speeches they have already written and will continue to do so until the big day arrives.

“I know for a fact that I’m going to try my best to present the best speech I can for my class,” stated McGhee.

McGhee is ready to take on this challenge; it is one of the most important times of his life and he wants to give it his all. As this year comes to an end, he wishes future seniors the best of luck.

“My hopes for next year’s seniors is just that they enjoy every moment of it because it doesn’t last forever, and soon they have to grow up. Just enjoy the little things,” he advised. “My advice for soon-to-be seniors is kind of like my hopes for them; that they enjoy it, but also that they just don’t give up when they’re so close to the finish line.”