Nathen Vander Wilt is Chosen to be the 2019 Faculty Representative at Graduation


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NATHEN VANDER WILT IS CHOSEN TO BE THE 2019 FACULTY REPRESENTATIVE AT GRADUATION — Laurelie Holmberg (left) poses with faculty representative and senior class president Nathen Vander Wilt (right) after the Senior Day ceremony.

DayOnna Carson, Associate Editor

Each year, Central’s seniors are honored for their hard work and achievements at their graduation ceremony. One tradition is for the senior class and school administrators to select the student and faculty representative. The decided representatives will be required to present a speech on graduation day, which will be taking place at the UTC McKenzie Arena on May 14 this year.

Senior Nathen Vander Wilt was selected by teachers as the Class of 2019 Faculty Representative. Vander Wilt did not expect his name to be called over the school intercom when this year’s decision had been finalized, but he was ecstatic nonetheless.

“I was surprised. I didn’t think I was going to be chosen as the faculty representative,” Vander Wilt, who also serves as the senior class president, said.

Such an important honor as speaking at one’s graduation requires a lot of planning and effort. In order to keep the ceremony running smoothly, the guest speakers are presented with a theme to help coordinate their individual speeches. This year’s theme involves music, so each speaker will somehow relate their work to famous compositions and artists.

“I’ve prepared [for my speech] by meeting with the other people giving speeches and discussing how we can improve our speeches. I plan on discussing our ‘Sweet Victory’,” Vander Wilt revealed.

Vander Wilt thinks that his leadership and public speaking abilities make him qualified for the honor, and he believes that these qualities will help him successfully convey his motivational message to the audience.

Over the years, Vander Wilt has been introduced to several influential faculty members who have made his classes enjoyable and educational. Geometry teacher Matthew Joyner, Coach LeeAnne Shuerrette, former philosophy and Bible history instructor John Daum, as well as the 2019 Dedicatory, Kevin Parsons, all made a huge impression on him.

“Nathen has always been really invested in everything he’s involved in. During our National Honor Society projects he was always ready to jump right to work,” concluded Algebra II teacher and National Honor Society Sponsor Peggy Moyer.