Central Students Attend Youth Summit Striving to Improve School Atmosphere


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CENTRAL STUDENTS ATTEND YOUTH SUMMIT STRIVING TO IMPROVE SCHOOL ATMOSPHERE — Pictured above are the Central students who attended the Youth Summit.

Blake Catlett, Assistant Editor

High school students can be quick to complain about their surroundings, especially at school. However, only a select few will actual work to change the world around them. Central students and teachers attended the Youth Summit, an initiative to promote improving school environments, on November 14. This was Central’s third time attending the summit.

The Youth Summit is a one day event that centers around Hamilton County Schools. Schools from all over the county come together to discuss their schools’ environments. Students compare positive aspects of their respective schools and also discuss challenges in their schools and how they can overcome them. By the end of the summit, students have drawn out a plan on how they encourage positive change in their school and community. Every year, the summit is held at the South Chattanooga Recreation Center.

Central students attended the Youth Summit along with students from Sale Creek, Sequoyah, Brainerd, and Ooltewah High Schools.  Students who attended the Youth Summit were recommended and chosen by their teachers.

“…the students who attend must meet and interact with students from other schools, so it’s not enough to just be a good student with good behavior, but these students represent Central and must be outgoing and well spoken,” shared James Massengale, government and U.S. history teacher.

Massengale was one of the teachers who accompanied students going to the summit.

Senior Megan Duncan was one Central student who attended the Youth Summit. She has attended the summit for the past three years and has enjoyed it. Duncan is determined to better Central’s students environment so that students can have the best four years of high school they can.

“I like giving my feedback on how to improve the school system and how to improve students’ lives… it’s fun,” shared Duncan.

Duncan has noticed small changes here and there from her three years attending the summit. She noted that the counselors’ involvement with students has greatly improved. Also, she explained that Central’s school spirit has shown several improvements from the year before.

“[It was my third] time attending the summit, and I love being able to go. It’s a really cool experience getting to step back and watch our kids work with other Hamilton County students to improve the school climate for everyone,” concluded Massengale.