Senior Omar Gearing Becomes Published Author


Danae Wnuk

SENIOR OMAR GEARING BECOMES PUBLISHED AUTHOR — Omar Gearing explains his writing process and the inspiration for his books.

Danae Wnuk, Staff Writer

Central students hide many talents among their numbers. The school is full of athletes, artists, and musicians, who are always working on improving their abilities. Recently, it was discovered that one senior had written and published a few books.

The senior, Omar Gearing, has been interested in literature since an early age and has always been writing short stories as a hobby. He started his journey into becoming a published author when he decided to finally finish one of his stories.

“I promised myself that I would sit down and I wouldn’t get up until I finished that book,” he explained, “Then, after I finished that one, it kind of opened a doorway to writing more books.”

When talking about his writing process, he explained how he has to sift through a catalog of ideas and begin making connections and creating plots.

“I sit own, usually at school, at home, or on the go in the car,” Gearing said. “I go through the notes in my phone, and if I have an idea, I write the idea down. Over a couple of days, or minutes, I work out the ideas. I might have several ideas, [or] I might have one idea. I always layer [the ideas to] try to build a story from them, and, whenever I come home, I finish it.”

He currently has six books that he has finished. A couple of those books are a part of a series that he is writing. Presently, he is planning on writing another book titled Diablo.

Gearing said that he draws inspiration for his literary works from everything.

“I love T.V. I love movies. I love reading. When I think about it on on the surface, I don’t think that I draw [inspiration] from anywhere, but, when I actually start to write, I feel a lot of the energy coming from a lot of the places where I’ve either watched this or seen this somewhere, and I can implement that into the story.”

Gearing has been trying to get one of his books into Barnes & Noble outlets, but, currently, his book, such as The New Light of a Dark Age, can be found on Amazon.