Ruriteen Club Assists with the Annual CDC Prom


Sarah Katheron Latham

CENTRAL’S CDC DEPARTMENT HOLDS ANNUAL PROM — Central’s CDC Prom on February 21 was a great success.

Blake Catlett, Assistant Editor

Prom: the word can bring back wonderful memories or brew excitement for the future. The night never fails to bring about good memories, joy, and an overall amazing time. For some, it can be the defining moment of their time in high school. Central’s CDC students got to join in on this experience on Friday, February 21, as the annual CDC Prom was held.

The dance took place inside the campus’s cafeteria. This year’s dance was similar to past ones, except for the introduction of the photo booth, which was a huge hit. Everyone attending was allowed to take as many photos as they wanted and were able to print them out for free.

Central’s Ruriteen Club organized the CDC prom this year. President Cassandra Castillo oversaw most of the organization this year and ensured that all aspects of the dance went smoothly and that the dance had everything it needed to. Ruriteen members attended the dance and helped with various areas, such as serving food, decorating, and capturing the special night on camera.

“Volunteering at the CDC Prom was a great opportunity to give back to my community. All of the students who participated in it seemed to enjoy themselves very much, and my friends and I who helped it get set up had fun also,” said Senior James Ortiz, one of the Ruriteen members who helped at the dance.

Several businesses donated supplies and decor for the dance this year. Donations included catered food from Zaxby’s, balloons from Publix, and centerpieces courtesy of Humphrey’s Flowers.

Donna Rast, Central’s bookkeeper, has been involved in the CDC prom for the last five years, but this was her first year serving as the sponsor of the event. She loves being a part of the project every year.

“The CDC prom means so much to me! I have worked in the multi-handicap class in the past, so those students in particular are special to me. Seeing the students’ eyes light up when they walked in made all of the effort of the prom worthwhile,” shared Rast.

CDC students from other area schools were also able to attend the dance.

“There were students that came from other area schools, and they were so excited to be here at Central. The parents from our school, as well as the other schools, were appreciative and very impressed with this event,” said Rast.

As they do each year, the Ruriteen Club did not fail to fulfill their responsibilities at the CDC Prom. This year’s dance was an addition to the several successful proms in the past. The CDC Prom is one of Central’s great traditions that never fails to show the true spirit and inclusivity of students.