COVID-19 Causes Little Change Up in Intruder Drill


Grayson Catlett

COVID-19 CAUSES LITTLE CHANGE UP IN INTRUDER DRILL — Officer Marcus Dotson explains intruder drill procedures to a student.

Bailey Moore, Staff Writer

There has been some talk about intruder drills being different this school year due to the COVID-19 guidelines. Most people expected the drills to be different. This is due to the fact that during the intruder drills, students are crowded  together in a small corner of the classroom. Obviously, that cannot happen this year due to the social distancing guidelines used to combat the spread of COVID-19. However, the recent intruder drill held on Thursday, September 17, during first period was still able to happen.

According to SRO Marcus Dotson, the intruder drill operated as previously planned. All typical procedures for drills were followed.

“We’re trained to look for three things; we check to make sure doors are locked, we check if we can’t see in the room, and we check that we can’t hear anyone,” shared Dotson, explaining original guidelines for intruder drills.

The teachers were responsible for their assigned students and were required to make sure that they were following the county’s COVID-19 guidelines. Students had to wear their mask correctly during the entirety of the drill. Also, they tried as much as possible to follow social distancing guidelines as well as intruder drill expectations simultaneously.

“We have to be prepared for all types of emergencies during COVID. All over the world, so many different types of crises are already occurring and most appear to be handled appropriately with the necessary precautions during COVID. If COVID lasts longer than expected, if a vaccine does not work out, we will need to continue practicing these drills with the necessary precaution. As a learning community, we need to be safe and healthy at the same time,” shared Central’s Art Teacher Melissa Hoesman.

As most can tell, the drills will be different this year, but the teachers and staff will be on their game to make sure all of the students stay safe during these times, whether it is COVID-19 or an intruder.