Homecoming Week is Right Around the Corner


Bailey Moore

HOMECOMING WEEK IS RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER — Both students and teachers dressed up in college attire on Friday, September 25.

Bailey Moore, Staff Writer

Homecoming week is coming up faster than you think. This week, which is centered around the Homecoming football game, the Homecoming Court, and school spirit, will be held next week from September 28 to October 2.

The Homecoming Queen candidates are Seniors Ashley Lackey, Dallana Nolazco, Ashlee Smith, Destiny Smith, and Madison Taylor. The Homecoming King candidates are Seniors Grayson Catlett, Bryson Eddy, Kenyon McCrobey, Jeremy Rogers, and Tanner Salinas. Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors will be able to vote for homecoming king and queen during advisory on Wednesday, September 30.

On Friday, October 2, Central will hold their Homecoming game against Howard. During the game’s halftime, the Homecoming Court will be presented and the winners for the title of king and queen will be announced.

“Homecoming festivities will be take place at the football field,” Brielle Farrow shared.

Students will have the option to dress up through the week to celebrate their school spirit. On Monday, students will partake in Camo Day. It is pretty self-explanatory; students are encouraged to wear any camouflage clothing. Tuesday is Twin Day. On this day, students can match outfits with a friend, becoming each others’ “twin.”  Wednesday brings along Hat Day, where students can wear their favorite hats. The next day, Thursday, will be Mask Day. Students will be encouraged to wear their favorite face covering on this day. Finally, on Friday, Pounder Spirit Day rounds the week off. Students will wear as much purple and gold they can find to showcase the school spirit. All clothing must be school appropriate and must correspond to the certain dress up day. Students are also allowed to wear jeans if they are following the dress up days

“I am super excited about homecoming week this year. My favorite part is getting to dress up throughout the week and being able to show my Pounder spirit, and then support the football team at the homecoming football game,” shared Sophomore Madison Marler.

Central’s student section will also have a dress up theme for the homecoming football game. This theme is Hawaiian. Students are encouraged to attend the game in Hawaiian-themed vacation outfits to support the Homecoming Court and the Purple Pounders as they face Howard.