Central Announces 2020 Homecoming King Nominees


Blake Catlett

CENTRAL ANNOUNCES 2020 HOMECOMING KING NOMINEES — (From left to right) Grayson Catlett, Tanner Salinas (top), Kenyon McCrobey (bottom), Jeremy Rogers, and Bryson Eddy (not pictured) are this year’s Homecoming King court.

Haroun Ghazi, Staff Writer

Homecoming is an annual tradition that has gone on for decades at Central. Despite fears of change, this year was no different as Principal Iannarone announced the nominees for this year’s Homecoming King. This year’s nominees are Seniors Grayson Catlett, Bryson Eddy, Kenyon McCrobey, Jeremy Rogers, and Tanner Salinas. 

Although the candidates were not able to sit in the gym in front of their peers, like in previous years, voting for the position will proceed fairly normally. Each nominee was chosen by their peers and will represent the senior class. Voting will happen on Wednesday, September 30, and will determine who will become crowned as Homecoming King.

“I think it’s a great honor. Being a representative for our class is really exciting. While being crowned would be an even bigger honor, I’m grateful for simply making it onto the homecoming court,” shared Grayson Catlett.

Being named Homecoming King is a great honor and all nominees share the same passion and desire when it comes to being crowned as king. 

“A pro of being on the homecoming court is that you get recognition for all of the hard work that you’ve done in the last four years,” stated Jeremy Rodgers. He followed by saying, “It feels great to have that effort be acknowledged by your teachers and peers.”

Being on the homecoming court means a lot to each and every nominee, but they could not have done it themselves. Each of the nominees had a supporting cast made up of their peers, teachers, teammates, and parents.

When asked if he had anyone to thank, Tanner Salinas had this to say; “I would say my parents for pushing me to be the best version of myself.”

All candidates shared a mutual feeling of excitement and happiness when they found out that they were on the homecoming court.

“It feels great to be nominated, especially because I wasn’t expecting it,” commented Bryson Eddy. 

Each and every one of these nominees worked hard to get where they are now. Many have achieved lots of different accolades across the years, whether it be in sports or academics. Their hard work and dedication did not go unnoticed by their peers and teachers. That is the reason they are on the court in the first place.

“You have to have a well rounded background for one, and you also have to be very personable. Most people will nominate you for being a good person,” admitted Kenyon McCrobey. “For the king spot, you have to have a great personality and be pretty well known [around the school].”

The Homecoming King will be crowned during halftime of the football game against Howard on Friday, October 2, during halftime. Come out to support the Pounders and the Homecoming Court.