The 2020 Leadership Class Touches Up the Walls of Central


Zoey Greene

2020 LEADERSHIP CLASS TOUCHES UP THE WALLS OF CENTRAL– Senior Dallana Nolazco sits on a locker while touching up the walls of the basketball locker rooms.

Blake Catlett, Editor

Every day, Central’s leadership students meet during third block with Duncan Kelley in C Pod, room 104. These  students are some of the most prominent leaders of the school. This class handles some of the duties and tasks that the Central administration cannot get to over the course of the school day.

At the beginning of the school year, the leadership class was tasked with painting rooms around the school that have not been painted in several years; they have also touched up on murals and designs around the school. Their first painting project was the room located in the center of B Pod, which acts as the office for Angie Hentz and George Eller. The room’s walls had not been updated for 23 years, but that changed thanks to these school leaders.

“My favorite part about leadership is knowing that we are able to make a difference in the appearance of the school in many different ways,” shared Senior Tanner Salinas

When the class finished the center of B Pod, they headed to the band room to help with the removal of old flooring. The students noticed that the band room’s walls, like those in the center of B-Pod, looked ready for a makeover, so they offered to paint them next.

After the finishing touches were applied to the band room, this class started working on the walls of the basketball locker rooms. They also went on to touch up the handicap parking spots around the school, as well as the parking spots behind the cafeteria.

After they put down their brushes, the leadership class will be marching on to their next project. However, Kelley noted that he does not know what is next for the class.

“There are plenty of other projects lined up for us. We just don’t know what’s coming up. We just get the marching orders,” shared Kelley.

Aside from painting, the leadership class has been helping deliver sanitary projects all over the school, working to keep the school healthy and safe during this unprecedented time. These leaders have been working hard all year behind the scenes to improve the Central experience for all.

“It feels good to be able to serve the school and make positive changes to it,” concluded Salinas.