Hamilton County Students to Choose Learning Option for Second Semester


Blake Catlett

LEARNING STYLE DECISIONS DUE NOVEMBER 20 — Ms. Brazeale is pictured with her only on-campus student during fourth block, Senior Carmen Crabtree.

Blake Catlett, Editor

The second semester of the 2020-21 school year will soon be upon students, and this also means that Central students will be selecting which learning style they will be participating in. Students have two choices: on-campus and distance-learning.

To select a learning option, parents must log in to the Parent Portal in Powerschool. They must select which learning options they wish for their child. The default option will once again be on-campus; this is auto-selected and must be changed if parents want their students to be enrolled in HCS at Home. If an option is not selected by November 20, the student will be automatically placed in-person, regardless of their option for the first semester.

“Those that choose at home will be at home from [January until May]. Those choosing in-person will be on campus based on the phase the district is operating in.  If an in-person student needs to switch to at home their parent can request that option.  However, at home students must remain at home for the duration,” shared Principal Phil Iannarone.

This upcoming choice of learning style comes close with the announcement of Hamilton County’s return to Phase Two. Students will be on an alternating on-campus schedule based on last name for the remainder of the first semester. It is currently undecided if Hamilton County will remain in this phase for the second semester.

“My main reason for switching back to in-school is because I’m missing out on opportunities of having a regular enough senior year and getting time alone with my teachers for help,” explained Senior Natalie Adams.

With the amount of COVID-19 cases on the rise in Hamilton County, the continuation of split classes is the best way to combat the spread. Parents and students are advised log in to Powerschool to select the learning style that they find to be the most comfortable and resourceful for them and their child’s education.