Students Take SEL Surveys to Assist in Improving Central


Blake Catlett

STUDENTS TAKE SEL SURVEYS — Central students took the SEL survey through Panorama.

Haroun Ghazi, Staff Writer

Over the past weeks, Central students have been participating in surveys during their advisory period. These SEL surveys allow students to voice how they feel about the school. They are encouraged to express themselves and their needs. The school plans to use the data collected to develop and adjust Central for the betterment of the students. The goal is to create an environment that students enjoy and feel safe in, and these surveys are the first step in reaching that goal.

“I believe that school in-person is better than school at home, and with these surveys, I believe that Central can become a school with one of the best learning environments in the county,” commented Junior Angel Villanueva.

Students all around the school appreciated the fact that the school cares about their feelings. These surveys allow students to elaborate on their feelings and what they want for the school. This being said, it encourages the students to be honest in order to acquire what they want. Administrators and students share the same passion for making the school a better place to attend.

Senior Advisor and Counselor Shea Vetterick stated that, “I believe surveys are helpful when students respond honestly. I know many students may be experiencing survey fatigue, but we do appreciate the feedback,” said Shea Vetterick, senior counselor. 

Central aims to tweak their services to the needs of the school and their students. The purpose of the SEL surveys is to help students enjoy the environment around them. Together with cooperation from the administration, they can help achieve that goal a little bit quicker. 

Students who have not taken the SEL survey yet can still do so. It is available under the Panorama tab on the Hamilton County Schools Digital Portal, or ClassLink. The Digest encourages all Central students to take the survey and answer honestly. Through this, Central can become an even greater school.