Central Students Have Been Given the Option for Learning Labs


via Central High School

CENTRAL INTRODUCE LEARNING LABS — The daily schedule for learning labs shows which teachers will be helping with each subject each day.

Bailey Moore, Staff Writer

Success Learning Labs are being offered to provide additional time and support for students who wish to improve their grades, and it ensures that students stay on track for graduation. Currently, the labs provide time for students to make up missed assignments from the third quarter. It also provides students with small group settings where they can ask questions and receive additional help on current assignments.

Learning Labs are being offered to all students. Students can attend learning labs for their core classes (English, Math, Science, or Social Studies) on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday from 2:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.; these can be attended in-person or through Zoom.

“The learning labs are easy to access through a Zoom link in a Canvas course or in person, so any student needing extra help or time on assignments can come to the lab and work with a core teacher. We’ve seen tremendous growth in the number of students attending, and I hope we see significant positive grade changes once that data becomes available. I can say with the seniors who have been coming, there has been an upward trend in grades,” shared Senior English Teacher Adam Fletcher.

Parents can find the learning lab schedule on the school website under the “For Students” tab and then the Student Success Learning Lab.

“The Learning Labs work; a number of my own history students have attended…one student in particular started the afternoon with a D, mostly due to missing assignments. By the end of the day, he was able to bring his grade up to a B. The past year has been anything but normal. The learning labs provide a great opportunity for students to get work completed and have some questions answered,” said James Massengale, social studies teacher.

Students who are interested in attending the learning labs can enroll in the Canvas Course sent to their email titled “Success Learning Lab.” The Zoom links are available in the Canvas course along with the learning lab sign-in link.