Central’s Annual Talent Show is Set to Continue


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2021 WILL HAVE A TALENT SHOW– On March 13, 2020, Central held its annual talent show. This day was especially momentous because it marked the last day that students were at school in person before Coronavirus prompted school closures.

Zoey Greene, Staff Writer

Last year, the Central High School Talent Show took place on March 13 which was the last day of normalcy within the school building. No one knew at the time what would come, and no one knew that it would be our last school-wide gathering. Despite the global pandemic still impacting our everyday lives, Central has been approved to once more hold a talent show. More than a year later, we are preparing to hold a Choir fundraiser through the expression of the arts.

“The Talent Show will occur in the school gym on April 30 with the school following an activity schedule for the day. Students will purchase tickets during lunch in the cafeteria for $5 per ticket on the day of the show. We are still looking into the possibility of live-streaming the gathering,” said Choir Director Katheron Latham.

The annual Talent Show will consist of roughly 10 acts and be run by the entire choir department. Students directing the gathering will be in department shirts and some will hold badges to be easily identified. While being a part of the long-sought-after occurrence is not required, students are encouraged to come and watch their fellow peers. Anyone who does not want to be in the gymnasium or does not pay for a ticket will be sent to stay with select teachers who are not monitoring the special occasion.

As Latham addressed, Central is trying to put up a forum to live-stream the entire show for at-home students. The school is trying to re-achieve a strong sense of unity.

Students will audition for the CHS Talent Show in front of a committee of teachers, students, and administrators on April 19 after school hours. At-home students may come and audition as long as they agree to participate…in the show itself. A google form is available on the school website for students to sign up for an audition time slot. Students will be required to wear masks. We are encouraging all types of talented students to audition for the show. We encourage students who sing, play an instrument, dance, baton/flag routines, comedy routines, even show off their sports skills, to audition. Students should keep their audition to no more than four minutes in length,” explained Latham. 

If a student qualifies for the final talent show spots, their outfit must be approved by Monday, April 26. This allows the show to run smoothly without any punishments having to be enforced upon a seemingly fun occurrence.

“I’m excited to be able to enjoy the company of my peers again. This time we don’t have to worry about another lockdown because we have already been there,” said Senior Ashlee Smith.

Some people can sing, and some can dance. There are also some who just simply encourage those around them to pursue their talents. No matter what your position is in the student body, there is a place for you at the Talent Show. With the coronavirus dominating the world right now, it has been hard for the choral department to raise money. Help Central’s choir department, you are guaranteed to smile.