A Look at Senior Day and Class Night


Sarah Katheron Latham

A LOOK AT SENIOR DAY AND CLASS NIGHT — (2020)Cassandra Castillo is honored with a scholarship at Class Night

Brandon Williams, Staff Writer

Last year’s seniors experienced a less than normal end of their high school career, but the class of 2021 hoped that the same would not happen to them. Central’s Senior Day/Class Night is currently scheduled for May 14, 2021 but it will come with restrictions. Stacy Alexander, Central’s college and career advisor, is overseeing Senior Day and Class Night along with Mr. Iannarone. Both Class Night and Senior Day will be held in the gym.

“As of now, Senior Day will be seniors only. The only guests that will be permitted will be the family guests of the Mr & Miss Central court. We are limited right now to only 200 people in the gym. For Senior Class Night, as of now, we are under the same 200 people limited guidelines. Based on restrictions at the time of these events, we will adjust accordingly. Also, more specific plans will be made as these events get closer,” said Stacy Alexander, college and career advisor at Central.

Brielle Farrow will be honored as the class of 2021’s Dedicatory.  The dedicatory chooses the theme for Senior Day, and their photo is featured on the cover of the program. The dedicatory is honored with a faculty luncheon after the Senior Day ceremony and a page in the yearbook is dedicated to that teacher. A teacher can only be chosen by one senior class because they are forever connected with that senior class.

The Mr. and Miss Central ceremony will occur Senior Day at 9:30. The members of the Mr. Central Court are Tanner Salinas, Grayson Catlett, and Blake Catlett. The members of the Miss Central Court are Ashlee Smith, Madison Taylor, Africa Phinezy, Destiny Smith and Ashley Lackey.  Only the family members of the students on the Mr. and Miss Central will be able to attend Senior Day.  Seniors will be dismissed after the ceremony.

“Though it happens for almost every class, this years senior activities seem to be a little bit more special that usual. Maybe it’s because we didn’t think the pandemic would allow us to have such things, but I am especially grateful to be able to celebrate being a senior with my classmates this year,” said Senior Jeremy Rogers.

Class Night will take place later that night. It will be focused on awards and scholarship announcements.  Students who are receiving awards and their families will be invited this year; these guidelines keep overall attendance down in order to encourage social distancing.

Seven honorees will be inducted into the Distinguished Hall of Fame on Class Night in order to honor their outstanding representation and service to Central. There are five Alumni who were selected in 2020 who are invited to speak to the class of 2021 on Class night.  Each individual will have approximately five minutes to be introduced and give a short speech.  The alumni chosen to enter the Distinguished Hall of Fame in 2021 were nominated in previous years; they are deceased, but their legacy will live on at Central.  All of these alumni will be inducted on Class Night. The class of 2020 includes J.B. Collins, Charlynne Fry, Cecil Strokes, and Dr. Doug Williams, and David Copeland. Class of 2021 will include  Benny Hamil and James Shuptrine.