Art In Strange Places at Central High School


Chloee Cannon

ART IN STRANGE PLACES AT CENTRAL HIGH SCHOOL– Pictured is one of the many projects featured around the school.

At Central High School, students show their creativity and strengths in many different ways. Some of those ways include art, music, literature, and excelling in core classes. Art portrayed around the entire school from posters made for athletes, to posters about school behavior, and other important topics happening around the school. A new project the art class has started is being assigned a task illustrating different topics. The product may be funny, or it may be significant to the school. This project was started because Melissa Hoesman, the art teacher wanted to bring something unaccustomed to the school and make school more enjoyable or exciting.

“I think the art will benefit the school in a way, whether it’s to make someone’s day or give students the information they can utilize,” stated Hoesman.

One of the most recent and known works from the ‘art in strange places’ project is an illustration of the school’s administrators: Steve Lewis, Michelle Cochran, and Phil Iannarone. The painting is very creative and received a lot of commendations. The administrators liked the creation and mentioned that it brought fun to the school that the students can admire.

Not only did the piece receive commendation from the administrators illustrated but it also acquired reactions from students.  Either they found it funny or were perplexed, considering they haven’t seen anything like it. Junior and art student here at Central High School, Khloi Standidge, enjoyed the art and found it brought more creativity to Central.

“The painting of the administrators is something new and fun. I believe it brings a new take on what students can do,” exclaimed Sandidge.