Rewards for Students: What Are “Pounder Points”?


Rewards For Students: All About ‘Pounder Points’

Meryl Turner, Staff Writer

There is a new program for students at Central High School where they can earn tickets and turn them in for rewards. These tickets are called Pounder Points. In May of last school year, teachers and administrators came together and started working on this fun opportunity for the student body. Their goal is to motivate students to display good behavior at all times. Unfortunately, things such as Central preparing for testing and a thin number of students attending in-person school, became hurdles for the program to pick up off of the ground. As a result, they were not able to spread the word about “pounder points” as much as they had hoped to. Even this year it has been picking up a little slow, but they continue their efforts to encourage staff to take part.

“Pounder points are an incentive program to encourage positive behavior from the students here at Central High School,” Head Basketball Coach Kantonio Davis shared.

There are three different categories of tickets that students may receive from teachers, administrators, or maintenance staff. They are given one of each kind of ticket every month to hand out to students who are manifesting these characteristics the most on a consistent basis.

“The teachers pass out tickets to the students they feel are respectful, responsible, or engaged.” Coach Davis went on to say.

Now, students may be asking themselves: “What is the reward that we get?” During their lunch break on Fridays, students can turn in their pounder points in exchange for many different rewards.

“I think dress-down days would be a great reward,” Junior Riley Hayden stated.

For example, last Friday, students traded the tickets in exchange for Little Debbies.

Coach Davis is looking for more ideas on what rewards to give out to students, so leaving suggestions in the comments would be greatly appreciated!