Organizing New Clubs During Advisory


Mackenzie Farner

ORGANIZING NEW CLUBS DURING ADVISORY — The new Dungeons and Dragons Club poster.

Mackenzie Farner , Staff Writer

This year we may be getting a few new additions to the list of clubs here at Central.  Teachers are already advertising for their prospective clubs.  These new clubs would include a Crafting Club and a Dungeons and Dragons club that would be held during advisory on Wednesdays.

Anyone interested in participating in the clubs should contact the club sponsors, Honors English Teachers Maria Dobbs and Kevin Parsons. Students who are interested in participating can email Dobbs or Parsons, or stop by their classrooms to be added to the list of possible members. The crafting club would meet in Dobbs classroom, C102, and the Dungeons and Dragons club would meet in Parsons classroom, C110. The clubs could potentially start meeting in January and would continue meeting throughout the school year.

The Crafting Club would consist of members willing to share their crafting skills. Members would participate in crafts like knitting, crocheting, macrame, basket weaving, embroidery, light sewing, and vinyl sticker making. Members may also bring in their own craft they enjoy doing or they can suggest any craft that the members know how to do. The only requirements to be in the club are an interest in doing crafts and a desire to learn. Supplies can be provided for small projects in the club but will need to be brought in for large projects which will be discussed further during the group’s first meeting.

It is an opportunity to have some fun while producing something both useful and beautiful. It is also an opportunity to try new things. High school is designed to help you explore new things and not all of them have to be academic,” stated Maria Dobbs, Crafting Club sponsor.

Additionally the Dungeons and Dragons club would consist of role play games like dungeons and dragons although members wouldn’t actually be playing dungeons and dragons because the game is too time consuming for advisory. Players would walk through imaginary game play scenarios and explore different possibilities and outcomes as they play the game. The club doesn’t require any previous experience and is open to all beginners interested in joining.

“Role-playing games promote reading habits and give students who are often marginalized a social opportunity. I also think it is important for a school to have opportunities for people other than athletes to get invested in the school community. Although the primary goal of school is supposed to be academics, it seems like the smart children often get overlooked,” commented Dungeons and Dragons Club sponsor, Kevin Parsons.

Along with the Crafting Club and Dungeons and Dragons Clubs, there are many more perspective clubs including: Games of Logic or Book Clubs, JROTC Raiders and JLAB Club, a Board and Card Game Clubs, an Ensemble Club, Debate Club, Math Club, Buddy/Inclusion Club, Jazz Band, Chess Club, Positivity Club, JROTC Leadership, Robotics, and Drill Clubs, JROTC Marksmanship Club, and a Film Club.