The 2022 Superlatives Have Been Decided


Karleigh Schwarzl

2022 SUPERLATIVES HAVE BEEN DECIDED — Class of 2022 best all around are pictured, Michael Watson and A’Driana Knight

Justin Ramirez, Staff Writer

The time has passed for the Class of 2022 to vote for their senior superlatives. The superlatives are a tradition and a memorable part of the high school experience. Seniors competed among their peers to be given one of various titles. Although some may have been obvious, others were surprised to see they received a superlative. The class of 2022 has a promising future ahead of them, so it will be interesting to see where these names go.

When asked how he felt to receive the Leadership superlative, Jack Graham stated,”It was pretty cool. I was happy to get something and it fits me I guess. It was good to know people in the school know me and voted for me to get it.”

Tongun Gore, voted Most Courteous, added,”I feel that it’s important that we treat people with respect and kindness, because when respect is given respect is returned,” when questioned what he thought won him Most Courteous.

However, not every student was fortunate enough to receive a desired superlative. For example, Ozzy Paulus had been hoping to receive the Most Courteous superlative.

“It was a little disappointing to find out I wouldn’t be receiving a superlative, but the feeling went away quickly. It was good to know my friends received some though,” stated Paulus.

As of voting completion here are the superlative holders:

Torchbearers – Michael Watson & Chloe Barbee

Most Likely to Succeed – Zane Ferrying & Anna Frazier

Best All Around – Michael Watson & A’Driana Knight

Leadership – Jack Graham & Sydney Stone

Service – Luke Keown & Karleigh Schwarzl

Dependability – Reginald Wadley & Janna Walker

Most Athletic – Noah Collins & Calli Morgan

Most Courteous – Tongun Gore & Carmen Breitenbach

Wittiest – Jelani Montgomery & Addason Wellington

Most Talented – Dewayne Middleton & Isabelle Moody

Neatest in Appearance – Kion Jones & Kelcey Brooks

Friendliest –  Taiwun Bell & Janetth Colunga