Central Band Scores Superior at Bradley Concert Performance Assessment


Photo Provided to the Digest

The Central Sound Concert Band ready to preform, (from left to right) Robert Farr, Hannah Farmer, Edickson Frias-Cruz, Madelyn Little, Kade Weaver, Corielle Wimberly, Erickson Frias-Cruz, and Riley Hayden.

Katie Garnand, Staff Writer

On Wednesday, March 16, the Central band attended the Concert Performance Assessment (CPA) at Bradley Central High School. They played the music “Darklands March,” “Gently Touch the Sky,” and “Blue Ridge Reel.” This event was considered to be the band’s benchmark. While there, they did sight-reading, which is where they are given a piece of music and have about 10 minutes to look over the music before they perform the piece. The band students Hannah Farmer, Robert Farr, Riley Hayden, Corielle Wimberly, Erickson Frias-Cruz, Madelyn Little, Edickson Frias-Cruz, and Kade Weaver performed in front of four judges and were given a rating. The ratings are: 1, superior; 2, excellent; 3, good; 4, fair; and 5, needs improvement.

“I am proud to say that the Central Band was assigned a score of 1 from every judge,” said Mr. Josh Singleton, band director.

On Saturday, March 26, Farr, Farmer, Edickson Frias-Cruz, Hayden, Little, Weaver, and Wimberly attended Solo and Ensemble. These students volunteered and were happy to do this. They took time out of their weekend to represent the Central Band. Unlike CPA, Riley Hayden started off the conducting before joining the rest of the group. They played “Waltz II”.  Similar to CPA, they were judged on their performance and given a rating. They also received a 1 rating at the Solo and Ensemble.

“Both things were just great experiences and I was glad I got to be a part of it,” said Hayden.

The band was able to accomplish these things with only eight students: freshmen Weaver (tuba); sophomores Farr (percussion) and Farmer (flute); juniors Hayden (clarinet), Wimberly (clarinet), Erickson Frias-Cruz (alto-saxophone) and Little (tenor sax); and senior Edickson Frias- Cruz (trumpet).