Changes Continue for Class Day, Senior Night


Sarah Katheron Latham

SENIOR DAY, CLASS NIGHT MERGED INTO ONE EVENT— Zoey Greene receiving a scholarship to attend the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga during 2021’s Class Night.

Kai Morales, Staff Writer

Class night and Class day have experienced many changes at Central High School since the COVID-19 pandemic started in March of 2020. Many were expecting normal events after last year’s; the 2021 class day and night followed CDC guidelines with a limit of 200 people allowed to attend. In 2020, Class Day was an online event and class night was limited to very few capabilities. However, for the class of 2022, Class day and Class night will be a combined event instead of the two separate, limited events we had during COVID-19’s prime.

The main purpose of Class day and night is to honor seniors for their hard work spent here at Central High School. Students are given nominations, awards, scholarships, and more to celebrate their four years here and encourage them to keep working in the future.  In the past, Class day and night were held on the same day– but as separate events. Class day would take place during school hours and class night would be held after school hours. A dedicatory teacher is chosen to pick the theme for the two events and gives a speech. Furthermore, they are forever connected to the senior class that elected them. This year, Mrs. Dobbs was elected to pick the theme and give the speech during the singular Class Day Class Night event. During Class night, Central alumni are chosen to go into the distinguished hall of fame. During Class day, the Mr. and Miss Central ceremony will take place with the Mr. and Miss Central court nominees behind them. A student is chosen to sing the Alma Mater and the class valedictorian and salutatorian give a speech. 

In 2020, Senior Day was an online event, meaning that everything that would have happened in person happened over Zoom. While Class night was a limited in-person event, many seniors still attended the night to experience it before they graduate. Only seniors and their family were invited. Class night that year showed how hopeful the graduating class was. Students arrived with optimism; 2020 was a long and stressful year for most of the population, so the ability to have a night out to commemorate their efforts was more than welcome. After all the chaos that happened to the class of 2020, a celebration was much deserved.

For 2021’s events, there was far less chaos. The event was still different from normal, but the majority of students and faculty tried to make the best of it. Class day was again, limited, allowing only 200 family members and seniors to be invited. Those who did show up enjoyed their time celebrating.  Class night had the same 200 person limit, but many seniors still attended and received a variety of awards and scholarships. More people attended than 2020’s events and the audience was filled with proud family members and classmates.

Moving both Class day and Class night into the same event at the same time allows for a more efficient schedule. Since it will only be one event during the night, it’s easier for more people to come. Parents and family who have jobs won’t have to take time off of work to attend, and unlike last year, there is no limit on the people who can come. Seniors can invite family and friends to commemorate their time here at Central High School.

“I am hoping all seniors and their families will be there,” Stacy Alexander, College and Career Advisor, commented, “I believe this will be a great way for the seniors to cap off their senior year just before graduation.”

Many are hopeful that the gym will be packed full of joyous family, friends, and students as a way to send off the class of 2022 before their graduation. Class day and night will be held in the gym on May 13 and will take place during the night, after the school day and all school activities have been completed. More details will come as the event gets closer. Only four days afterward Central’s seniors will be graduating on May 17 at 7:30 p.m. in Finley Stadium.