The Grand Opening Of The ‘Mr. Chill’s Ice Cream Boat’


The “Mr. Chill’s Ice Cream” logo, designed by Business and Marketing students.

Breanna Long, Staff Writer

On Friday, April 29th, Mr. Cuttle and his Business and Marketing students hosted a ‘food boat’ from 8 AM-1:45 PM during the school day.

“We’ve been planning this the entire quarter- the entire semester, really,” Business and Supply Chain teacher Mark Cuttle states. The food boat, titled ‘Mr. Chills Ice Cream Boat’ was an idea Cuttle came up with a while back. In essence, it is similar to a food truck- just on water. According to Cuttle, this is a sort of ‘trial run’ for the real deal. In the future, he plans to ride a boat around Lake Chicamauga selling Ice-Cream. His slogan, which was made with the help of his students, will be “Have An Ice Day.”

During this event, Mr. Cuttle, with the assistance of students, set up a grill as well as chairs and tables outside of the school building near the area between the baseball and softball field. Cuttle grilled hamburgers, hotdogs, and scooped ice cream, and provided chips and drinks to a variety of students who either helped plan the event through project-based learning or were invited to attend.

Several students assisted through the more technical aspects, like sophomore Phoebe Gardner. “I helped by creating the name with some of my friends,” says Phoebe, “…as well as creating spreadsheets and choosing the ice cream flavors.” There were several other students who assisted with this aspect of the creation process, as part of their project-based learning. Students were assigned the making of a name, logo, and slogan for the ice cream food boat.

Other students, however, assisted with the more physical aspects; “I helped them bag out the trucks, and set up the tables, as well as put up the grill,” a student from the event states.

Some students, though, were simply there for the food; “I just got free Ice Cream,” says Junior Sydney Woodward.

Not all students that went were a part of Mr. Cuttle’s Business and Marketing classes, however. Some students, who had gone to the Blood Drive that day, were invited for free to take part in the food and ice cream. Senior Edickson Frias-Cruz, for example, was invited to attend the event after he had donated blood. “I got a red ticket from ROTC for donating blood, allowing me to enter the Mr. Chill’s event,” Edickson says, “Mr. Cuttle is doing an amazing thing here; plus, the ice cream is great.”

Overall, the event was a riveting way to get students involved in their studies, as well as enjoy themselves on a hot day. Congratulations to Mr. Cuttle, as well as his Business classes, for pulling such an amazing event off!