Students Juggle Busy Work Schedules And Academic Requirements


Maddox Tucker

THE BUSY LIFE OF A STUDENT — Junior, Hannah Farmer, works at J.C. Penney at Hamilton Place Mall.

Maddox Tucker, Staff Writer

Having a job and returning to classes can be a challenge for even the most organized of students. Working night shifts, getting home at midnight, doing homework, and finally falling into bed at 1 a.m, — only to wake up for school about four hours later — can have a dramatic effect on a student’s well-being. 

“I usually try to focus on my school work so I can get it finished so I don’t have homework,” said Madison Standridge, a junior who works as a babysitter, and is a member of the girls’ soccer team. “I’m lucky that soccer is after school so I go to practice and sometimes stay late because of my brother.” 

Standridge’s brother, senior Matthew Standridge, is a member of the varsity football team, so she always stays after school waiting for football practice to end so they can ride home together. 

“I try to get things done before due dates,” Standridge said. She wants to make sure she focuses on her school work.

Standridge began babysitting in 2018, typically working six hours per job.

Even though babysitting is a demanding job, Standridge believes it has never affected her grades.

“I try to maintains all A’s even with the strenuous schedule and staying late for sports,” she said.

Strenuous school responsibilities don’t just affect working students, but also affect members of various sports teams. Typically, football practice lasts about three hours after school and pre-game rituals last from 2:20 to 7 p.m. when the game begins. This can leave little time for school-work. 

“Football players can get kicked off the team if they don’t do their work,” explained Kade Weaver, a sophomore. “If our grades are too low, then we’re off.”

He added that the team focuses on doing work so they don’t get behind in classes.

“It’s not the easiest thing in the world, but if you keep up with your work it’s easy,” said Weaver.