Central’s Ruriteen Club Receives $1000 Volunteer Energy Cooperative Grant


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CENTRAL’S RURITEEN CLUB RECEIVES $1000 VOLUNTEER ENERGY COOPERATIVE GRANT — Ruriteen Club President Sarah Katheron Latham receiving the VEC grant.

MacKenzie Farner, Copy Editor

The Central High School Ruriteen Club is a community service organization that serves as a branch of the National Ruriteen Club. Over the last three years, Central’s Ruriteen Club has received multiple grants that have been used for service projects around Central and the Harrison area.

The Ruriteen Club received a one-thousand dollar grant from the Volunteer Energy Cooperative through their customer shares program. The ruriteens hope to use the grant for the beautification of the school, with assistance from Film Club founded by twelfth-grade English teacher, Adam Fletcher, and the Alumni Association. Their first project is to replant tree planters in front of the school.

“In April, I applied for a Volunteer Energy Cooperative Customer Shares Grant to help the Ruri-Teen club for the 2023 school year,” explained Central Ruriteen Club President Sarah Katheron Latham.

The ruriteens have visited the Ooltewah Nursery for quotes on materials for their project. Plans for their first project are already in place with plans for funding underway lead by club President Sarah Katheron Latham and their sponsor Central’s Choir teacher and Piano Lab instructor, Katheron Latham.

“We’re thrilled to receive this wonderful grant to help us help our community and school with various projects that we hope will be a blessing to them,” stated club sponsor Katheron Latham.

The Ruriteen Club meets once a month in Central’s Choir Room and try to complete at least on service project per month. For the last two years the ruriteen club has sponsored the kids zone at the Harrison Harvest Festival next to the Old Harrison Elementary, where families can play games and make crafts with their kids. With just twenty members, the Ruriteen Club accomplishes a lot for the Central and Harrison community.