Teacher Spotlight – Charles Shultz Joins The Central High School Family


Justin Ramirez, Staff Writer

Charles Shultz, or Mr. Shultz as students may know him, is one of the newest teachers to join us here at Central.  His experiences at Central during his first few weeks have been positive.

Shultz is no stranger to the Chattanooga area, having lived here in the past. He received his master’s in education and a bachelor’s in criminal justice from UTC as well as two other degrees from Tennessee Tech and Chattanooga State respectively.

Shultz has described Central as being a unique and fantastic experience that has allowed him to be around interesting and diverse kids. He has enjoyed being back in Chattanooga. Shultz did not always prioritize his own education.  Often, he prioritized football above his classes. Therefore, it came as a surprise to Shultz when he went to college for 12 years.

There had initially been no intention for him to become a teacher. In the beginning, he had been a police officer.  He changed his mind to pursue a career in education in order to help and coach students like himself.

“I got tired of arresting them,” Schultz added.

He is now able to achieve that goal by teaching exceptional education and helping to teach algebra.

One of Shultz’s distinctive qualities is his desire to develop relationships with athletes, set them on the right path for their future, and in general help kids to go in the right direction.

When not teaching, Shultz enjoys spending time with his family and 4 kids. His oldest daughter, who happens to be the gym teacher at Brown Middle School, 2 sons, and a little girl.

“I believe the school has got a lot of potential, is going in the right direction, and had good leadership.” Shultz declared.