Lady Pounders Dominate East Ridge in Crucial District Matchup


Karleigh Schwarzl


Amber Burchfield, Staff Writer

The Central volleyball team continues to work hard during this season. The team played against East Ridge High School on September 14. The Lady Pounders dominated East Ridge, winning all three sets. Central played again against East Hamilton High School on September 19. Although the team played well, Central lost all three sets to the defending state champion Lady ‘Canes. The team then played against CSTHEA on September 21, and Hixson High School on September 23. The Lady Pounders lost both games, but are still working hard to make a push in the district tournament.

On Thursday, September 14, the Lady Pounders faced off against the East Ridge Lady Pioneers for the second time this season. The first set started off a little slow, but the team didn’t give up and won 25-14. Central then moved on to the second set, and easily defeated ERHS by a score of 25-9. The team made quick work of the Lady Pioneers in the third set, and won 25-19.

“I think the team felt good about the game and were proud of the way they worked together as a team,” shared Assistant Coach Casey McGrath.

Senior Makayla McCarthy shared, “The game against East Ridge went very well, some highlights from the game were when we all got together and prayed as a team.”

After the big district win versus East Ridge, the Lady Pounders took on the East Hamilton Hurricanes. Central played well in the first set but lost 25-6. The Pounders didn’t give up, and continued to work as a team. Despite the cohesiveness, the team lost 25-11, in the second set, and the third set, 25-4. Even though the Pounders lost, the team was proud of the fight they put up and were content with how well the team played.

McCarthy shared, “The East Hamilton game went phenomenal even though we lost. We played amazing, but we do need to work on our communicating skills during the game.”

After the loss at East Hamilton, the team took on CSTHEA. The team played well the first set, but lost 25-8. Again, the team persevered and played their best during the second and third set. Sadly the Pounders lost both sets: 25-6 and 25-11.

“The team played hard but sometimes struggled to play as a team and work together the entire time,” Coach McGrath stated.

After some time to regroup and hone in their skills, the Central squad was now ready to take on Hixson High School. The team started off strong and beat the rival Lady Wildcats by a score of 25-15. The Lady Pounders continued to push through their game off the high of their first set win. Disappointingly, Central lost the next two set 25-11 and 25-6.

“The game against Hixson did not go as planned. We came in ready to beat them, but again we didn’t try our hardest,” Senior Makayla McCarthy shared.

The Lady Pounders 2021 campaign is winding down; the Lady Pounders take on Brainerd High School on September 27, and Red Bank on September 28.

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