New Period Schedule Unveiled at Central

New school year, new classes, and shorter time. This year, Central has officially switched from block schedule to period schedule.

For many people, this has been a big leap.

“I’m not too sure yet. I’m having to adjust things – it took me almost a decade to perfect things [as] far as timing goes,” shared biology and forensic science teacher Christina Cotreau.

Each school day now consists of seven fifty-minute classes with four minutes for class change.

“It’s hard to get in between classes now with four minutes,” said sophomore Bailey Davis.

Statistics show that students on a period schedule have higher test scores, especially when it comes to math and language arts.

“It has to help being in the class everyday all year. That stuff sticks with the kids in my opinion,” noted Mrs. Sally White, an English 10, theater, and creative writing teacher.

Planning periods being shortened has been a big concern for many teachers. Fortunately, students can help some with this issue.

“I am really lucky and blessed to have an awesome aide [who] helps me tons with a lot of things I need done in class,” expressed Mrs. White.

Cotreau was in agreement.

“I’m lucky to have some very amazing student aides who help me with a ton of things. I couldn’t manage without them!”

Central is improving fast and well. This school year could be the start of something new for many.