Mrs. Moss Returns To Central

Mrs. Vanessa Moss is returning to Central High School this year after leaving in 2012 to go on maternity leave. She gave birth to her son, Emmett, on May 23, and after nurturing her baby and getting him to where he needs to be, Moss is finally ready to kick things back into gear and begin her eighth year teaching at Central.

“I’m hoping to accomplish good things this school year. It kinda works for me that Central is going through some transitions because I am too.  I’m using it as an opportunity to be fresh this year.  I would have to work to adjust my old lesson plans to this new schedule, so, instead, I’m recreating my English 11 and focusing on incorporating learning opportunities that work with this new bell schedule,” stated Moss.

A lot has changed for Moss since she left, not only at Central, but, due to having a baby, also in her daily life.

“Emmett is my second child. His brother, Noah, was 28 months old when Emmett was born.  Emmett is amazing.  Since he’s almost 27 months old now, he’s so much fun.  He wants to know the name of everything.  He has favorite songs and books.  He has Down Syndrome, which has put him behind on some milestones, such as walking and talking.  In fact, he’s just now walking, but it is really early for individuals with Down Syndrome, and he wants to be outside all of the time so that he can walk down the street to ‘woof, woof’ at all the neighborhood dogs and wave at the passing cars and trucks,” explained Moss. “I always knew I would be an awesome mom, and I am.”

Moss has a lot going on at school and at home, but she seems to be doing a fantastic job.

“So far, this school year has been so exciting. I haven’t had a chance to catch my breath, but, I suppose, that’s what the summer’s for,” said Moss.

We are so excited to have Mrs. Moss back. She has so much to offer our school, and the rest of the school year should be great with her back on our staff.