Ruriteen Club Celebrates Retirement of Teresa Reagan

On September 3, the Ruriteen Club members met for their first official meeting. With an array of snacks set up on multiple tables ranging from pizza to brownies and cameras out ready to snap pictures, the Ruriteens were ready for their first project: surprising the recently retired Teresa Reagan with a party to celebrate her amazing impact on Central High School.

Mrs. Teresa Reagan, who was our former college adviser and Ruriteen Club sponsor, worked at Central for nine years and went the extra mile for students in more ways than one.

Endiya Rice, a senior and second year member of the service club, had only good things to say about Mrs. Reagan.

“She has affected my life in a very positive way. She’s a remarkable woman. She was always pushing us to make sure we were on track,” said Rice lovingly.

Rice, among many others around the school, were heartbroken when they learned of Mrs. Reagan’s retirement. Mrs. Reagan herself said it was the hardest decision she ever had to make.

“I have aging parents who are two hours away that I need to help take care of,” she explained.

“It’s the Central family I miss,” she added, “not being able to see everyone everyday.”

On a happier note, Mrs. Reagan said she was overwhelmed by the kindness of the kids and is excited to see the new club sponsors, Ms. Feher and Ms. Katie Burnette, take Ruriteen Club to the next level.

“They have energy and great ideas,” she said excitedly. “I’m glad that they’re still letting me be involved.”

Students, teachers, and administrators alike agree that Mrs. Reagan was the embodiment of a true educator: passionate, supportive, and constantly pushing students to achieve greatness.