Central Welcomes Back Mrs. Carol Thomas

Mrs. Carol Thomas has come back to Central as a Graduation Coach for the seniors this year. Previously, Mrs. Thomas was an Assistant Principal at Central from 2005-2009. She is really happy to be back and is ready to help students.

“Since I’ve been gone, a lot of positive changes have come to Central. It’s amazing what can happen in just five years.”

The new role Mrs. Thomas is filling is sure to make even more positive changes. Her job is to help seniors who are maybe borderline passing a class or helping seniors with credit recovery. She wants the seniors to be aware of what their grades are and where they need to work a little harder.

“Credit recovery is a lot harder now that we are on traditional scheduling,” said Thomas. “It will be tough, but if they want to graduate, they’ll do the work.”

Mrs. Thomas graduated from the University of Tennessee Knoxville where she got her Bachelors in Social Studies. She then went to Trevecca University and received her Master in Administration and Supervision.

She also commented that she missed working in the office at Central because she shares the same birthday as Principal Finley King and Registrar Judy Rucker.

“It was always a good day on my birthday because it was also two of my co-workers’ too!” Thomas exclaimed.

No current class was at Central when Mrs. Thomas was last here, but they are sure to remember her now as she helps many in each class earn their diploma in that purple and gold cap and gown.